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Adopt a Hero

The public can send a gift bag or box to any police officer, fireman, EMS worker, doctor, nurse, teacher, or service member. They can elect to purchase one box or adopt an entire firehouse or school. Each box will either be mailed directly to the responder or can be shipped to the purchaser so they can hand deliver them. Items in each bag/box are yet to be determined based on donations but will include an assortment of items such as hand sanitizer, face masks, snacks, mints/gum, and gift cards.

Operation Rescue

Host mental health seminars and events because our hero’s see many stressful and traumatic events and we need to help them cope with these challenges and find a way to deal with the stress either by speaking to another heroin the same situation, having an exercise program or finding another outlet to deal with the stress. This program will have a strong emphasis on suicide prevention. First responders and military are 50% more likely to commit suicide than the average person.

Meet a Hero

Kids can sign up to meet a hero of their choice (Police, Fire, EMS, etc) They will meet at the firehouse or police precinct to sit in a firetruck or police car, have a tour, ask questions, and have lunch. This program will help develop relationships with the community and forge a lasting impression on the kids to pursue one of these careers.


Ninety-four percent of all teachers need to spend money on supplies for their classroom or snacks or lunches for kids below the poverty line. The average teacher spends from $500 – $1000 per year out of their own pocket without reimbursement. This program will allow us to provide teachers with either supplies they need or gift cards, so they do not have to pay out of pocket.