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Our Vision

One of our goals is to build community and training centers.  Our vision is to have a place where all essential workers current or retired and their immediate families can gather with like-minded individuals in a safe space.

To become a member there would be a monthly membership fee which would include:

  1. Training space/classroom to hold training classes to include CPR, Suicide Prevention workshops, training on new equipment etc. We envision many different groups will use this space for  tests (such as promotion exams) or training classes for their staff. 
  2. Pool and fitness center
  3. Restaurant and bar
  4. Ball Room for Awards ceremonies and many fun events like dances, shows, dinners and parties for both adults and kids.
  5. Our outside space will include activities such as basketball courts, shuffle board, picnic tables, BBQ’s and space for other outdoor center sponsored events.

In addition, our plan is to have a day care center on site, as most first responders work long hours and need care for their children.  There are many times a police officer for example may make an arrest and has to work overtime and cannot get to the daycare in time.  Our daycare would be MUCH less expensive than traditional daycare but would be open extended or even overnight hours. 

Our daycare would also allow “parents nights” out for dinner, date night or any other activity while knowing their child is in a safe and secure environment.

Please help us make this vision a reality by making a donation today.