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Operation Rescue

Those who are first to respond are normally facing disasters, confrontations, dangerous situations and exposure to what most of us will never see outside of a movie theater.  In addition, they are the first to offer both emotional and physical support to survivors or family members in these situations.  First responders and public healthcare workers deal with long work hours and poor sleep in addition to direct exposure to pain, injury, grief, death and personal physical danger. Unfortunately, they normally do not have time to recover from traumatic events because they are quickly onto the next emergency.

Because of all they see and do, many first responders and public health care workers suffer from post traumatic stress and depression.

We can help with a host mental health seminars and events because our hero’s  need  help to cope with these challenges and find a way to deal with the stress. Either by speaking to another hero in the same situation, having an exercise program or finding another outlet to deal with the stress.

This program has a strong emphasis on suicide prevention because first responders and members of the military are 50% more likely to commit suicide than the average person.